‘Autumn in the Forest’ Shoot



autumn shoot

So, my little project finally came together!

A morning in late September was full of forest views, lace, flowers, lovely humans and an amazing camera! :p  The aim? To have fun, create something beautiful and work with talented people. And wow, we certainly did that!

To say I was excited about this shoot is an under statement! I love the colour changes that Autumn brings and also the cosy nights in and crispy leaves! The flower markets have lots of delicious florals on offer too!!

It all started with the shoot prep. Coming up the tree-lined path to The Glade at The Forestry Centre in Rosliston. It’s a forest hideaway, a perfect blank canvas to have the perfect, unique wedding day. Cute ceremony gazebo. Check. Great size Marquee a stones throw away. Check. Stage. Check. Forest. Check. If you love the outdoors and the festival feel, this venue is a winner!

Feeling like we were about to go on stage, I was having my hair done by the very talented Lauren at The Beehive. The theme I decided on was Boho. The result was a gorgeous natural look with plaited detailing. Perfect!

My makeup was done at the same time by lovely Louise and help from Laura (a couple of nights before). After an evening of colour testing and makeup shenanigans, the look was decided! The dark lip colour in particular, I felt, really brought the colours to life.

With the hair and makeup looking lush, it was time to get the dress on! Thanks to the lovely Alison from Alison Evans, I was able to wear a gorgeous floral sleeved number, with lace and champagne tones, back detail to die for, a total beauty! I felt a million dollars and wasn’t even getting hitched haha!

For the florals, I wanted to create a moody look with lots of texture reflecting the time of year. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the gorgeous ‘Red Eye’ roses and heavenly Hydrangea. I also used Scabiosa pods, Amaranthus, Cotinus, Populus Eucalyptus. In addition to the hand tied posy and other designs,  I decided to go bold and create a flower headdress. These have become very popular with brides, from statement pieces to smaller, delicate styles. It was definitely a show piece! I thought it really brought all the flowers and colours together.

As for the photos….I wanted Karolina on board as soon as I decided to do this shoot. Her warm personality and talent was a pleasure to work with. Gorgeous results, I think you’ll agree!

I now have ‘the bug’ and already planning future shoots.

Until next time… Hayley x



Photographs – Karolina Kulpa Photography Lichfield

Venue – Weddings at The Glade, Rosliston

Dress- Alison Evans Bridalwear, Swadlincote

Flowers/ Model – Hayley, The Blossom Branch Florist, Burton on Trent

Hair – Lauren, The Beehive Bridal Hair, Burton on Trent

Makeup – Louise Smith/ Laura Brown





6 Steps To Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

When it comes to wedding flowers, there are endless possibilities with design, colour, flower content. The internet, in particular, is like a vast floral vortex , with ideas here, there and everywhere.

To make the decision making a little easier, here are a few points to consider:

Choose your colour/s

Have you got a colour scheme? Favourite colour combo? Or need your flowers to match your dress or bridemaid dresses/men’s suits? Colour is arguably, the most important thing to consider.


Game of thrones fan? Lover of all things Star Wars. Winter wonderland perhaps? If you are taking on a theme for your wedding, flowers could play an integral part in bringing the theme together throughout your day. Speak with your florist and I’m sure they would love to put some ideas together for you.

Flower availability

Some flowers are available all year round (yay!) Roses, lilies, freesia, gerberas for example. There are also many flowers that are only available for a short time of year (peonies *swoon*) and some that are at their best at certain times of the year. Ask your florist which flowers are available at the time of your wedding early on. This makes it easier for you and your florist to choose suitable flowers. Also, ask your florist if they can substitute any flowers to give a certain ‘look’.

Personal Favourites

Do you have a favourite flower? Did your Mum like a certain flower? Perhaps a certain flower reminds you of childhood times being in your grandparents garden? Was a beloved family member called Iris, Rose, Lily? Keep this in mind when choosing wedding flowers, adding a personal touch.


Like to follow trends? Keep up with what’s hot and what’s not and let your florist know what you are loving at the moment. They will guide you on what can be achieved and give the best advice on flower and foliage content.


Florist Choice

Happy to let your florist have ‘free reign’ on your wedding flowers? Florists, including myself, jump at the chance for a ‘blank canvas’ to design something fabulous using seasonal flowers.


Here’s to another busy few weeks of weddings!

Until next time… Hayley xpixacropped-logo2.jpg



8 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Cut Flowers…

Hello Flower…

I thought I would write a little piece about how to get the best out of your cut flowers at home. There are many ways you can increase the vase life of your blooms.


Cut your flower stems at an angle

Cutting the stems at an angle gives a larger surface for water intake. Also, make sure your scissors are quite sharp, as blunt blades can crush stems, reducing their vase life.


Clean the stems

When arranging your flowers, make sure all foliage is removed that will be below the water line. This prevents slimy stems and smelly water.


Clean your vase

Make sure your vase is clean before use. Bacteria can reduce the life of your flowers. I use a little bleach with water. I also put a teaspoon of sugar in the water, this acts as flower food.


Fill your vase with tepid water

Generally, flowers prefer tepid water rather than cold. Cold water contains more oxygen which results in air bubbles in the stems. This can affect vase life of your flowers.


Good placement of your vase

Keep your flowers away from direct heat, direct sunlight and draughts.


Keep flowers away from fresh fruit

Keeping your flowers away from fresh fruit can lengthen their vase life. The gas from fresh fruit is damaging to fresh flowers.


De-head your flowers

Remove dead heads from your flowers and take out any stems that have died. This will prevent damage to the healthy flowers.


Change the water in your vase

Changing the water every couple of days can help increase the vase life of your flowers. Each time the water is changed, re cut the stems at a angle before placing your flowers back into your vase.


Extra Note: Some flowers need extra water in the vase as they love a good drink. Varieties include Hydrangeas, Chrysanth Blooms, Hypericum Berries, Solidago


Hope this helps you enjoy your flowers for longer.

Until next time, Hayley x








Peonies, Peonies, oh how I love you!

So, June 3rd saw the wedding of the lovely Chelsea and Tom, at the equally lovely, Alrewas Hayes wedding venue.

From the first consultation, Chelsea knew what flowers she wanted in her bouquet…..peonies…..white ones……sigh……dreamy. As soon as she said white peonies, I was so excited to get creating! Peonies have a small window of market availability, which, for me, makes them even more special to include in wedding flowers.


For Chelsea, all white peonies in a domed hand tied posy with a discreet foliage collar to support the big, blowsy blooms. The stems were bound with hessian and veil material from a family member’s wedding, lovely touch.

Bridesmaid bouquets were hand tied posies of white gypsophila.  A pretty flower to choose and creates impact massed together. Also bound with hessian and veil material.

For their guest’s, Chelsea and Tom opted for white gypsophila and natural twine stem, simple and effective.

The registar/top table design…….oh my word……the smell was absolutely heavenly. Ready for the flower/foliage list?……….Peonies. Scented Stocks (my fave). Eucalytpus. Roses. Rosemary. Scent overload! I created a long and low design in whites, greys and greens to match bridal flowers.

For the tables, Chelsea and Tom provided the wooden slices and jars, which I filled

with lovely floral goodies. I included roses, gypsophila, eucalyptus, roses, rosemary, peonies. A rustic look with a touch of chic. White and green colour schemes, for me, never go out of fashion. ❤

The naked cake was dressed with a few stems of flowers to match their theme, gypsophila, peonies, spray roses.

Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous colours for a gorgeous couple. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness together.

Until next time……Hayley x